Sunday, February 5, 2012

Special Kindle deal on After the Cross

Our publisher, Ellechor, has lowered the Kindle price on my novel, After the Cross.

Check out the deal HERE.

After the Cross has been compared to the Da Vinci Code, and to the Indiana Jones movies. Here's the teaser from the back cover:

Two linguists follow a trail of clues described in an 800-year old letter which purports to reveal the final resting place of Jesus’ cross, only to find themselves battling against time, hired mercenaries, and each other.         
They soon discover that the most important struggle of their lives is not around them, but from within, testing their beliefs, their ethics, and their growing love for one another.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Now available--After the Cross

Brandon and I are happy to announce the imminent arrival of our latest novel, After the Cross. And so you know something of the story, two linguists, Mallory Windham and Colton Foster, follow a trail of clues described in an 800-year old letter that claims to reveal the final resting place of Jesus' cross, only to find themselves battling against time, hired mercenaries, and each other. They soon discover, however, that the most important struggle of their lives is not around them, but within, testing their beliefs, their ethics, and their growing love for one another.

Published by Ellechor Publishing, After the Cross is scheduled to be released this March. You can find out more about the book at:

We'll be sure to give you any updates as they become available.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Brandon and Mike at Spirit West Coast

Hey friends! Brandon and Mike are going to be at Spirit West Coast Monterey, the huge Christian music festival. The festival runs from July 1st through 3rd and it's at the Luguna Seca Raceway in beautiful Monterey. They'll have a booth on the main walkway to sell their books, American Midnight and When the Sky Fell. It's going to be a ton of fun :)

Here are some of the bands that will be playing during the festival:
-Jeremy Camp
-Third Day
-Jars of Clay
-Group One Crew
-Family Force 5
-Barlow Girl
-Hawk Nelson
-Sanctus Real
-O.C. Supertones
And about 30 other bands (Check out the complete list HERE)

If anyone happens to be going, stop by and say HI!  :)
Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brandon and Mike's novel American Midnight is here!

Great news! Our new book, American Midnight, published by Silver Leaf Books, is now available!

Available in Trade Paperback at:
-Barnes and Noble (best price!)
-Amazon (Coming, date pending)
-Borders (Coming, date pending)

Availabe electronically on:

What’s the book about? Read the back cover:

At eighteen, Tania Peters still carries deep scars from her mother’s tragic death, and when she’s betrayed by someone close, pain and confusion threaten to swallow her whole.  But underneath all the hurt, she senses the hand of purpose on her life and finds hope in an exciting new political movement.

The Unity Party seems to offer everything —tolerance, compassion, and a plan to unite society. But not everyone sees the movement as good. Tania’s two brothers, Jeremy and Greg, have become bitter enemies over the ideals of the Party, and her father, a church pastor, fears that this promised “unity” is a threat to churches across the country.

Tania doesn’t share her father’s faith and sees no room for a loving God in the world she’s come to know. Instead, she gains strength from her rising celebrity within the Unity Party, finding friendship, acceptance, and even the first traces of romance. But none of these things can save her when her extremist brother plots to bring down the Unity Party in their home town of Midian.

Pitted between the Party’s utopian promises and the Christian friends and families who find themselves on the outside of this new American dream, Tania must choose between her long dormant faith in God and her future with the Party.

...But that one decision could cost her everything—including her life.

What are the reviewers saying...

"From Page One to The End, novelists Brandon Barr and Mike Lynch capture the readers’ attention and holds them spellbound! American Midnight is a gripping, beautifully-written story that will sometimes (literally!) leave you breathless. I’m adding this one to my ‘Keepers’ shelf!"
--Loree Lough, author of 74 award-winning novels, including the recently-released Tales of the Heart and Prevailing Love

"A modern mix of 1984 and The Hiding Place, American Midnight is thought-provoking and chilling, a clarion call for today's culture."
--Chawna Schroeder, Imagination Investigation

“This latest work from Brandon Barr and Mike Lynch fulfills their promise as authors.  AMERICAN MIDNIGHT is a big, panoramic novel rich with right questions for our era and with characters we can both cheer for and learn from.”
--Bruce McAllister, author of Dream Baby

''Barr and Lynch are the new dynamic duo of Christian Suspense! What Tim LaHaye and
Jerry Jenkins did for end times writing, Barr and Lynch surpass with American Midnight.  AM is a must read ripped out of today's headlines and masterfully blended with prophetic overtones. Each chapter takes us ever deeper into a web of intrigue...complex and artistically written.  Bible scholar or not Barr and Lynch provide us with not only a great read but also a story that will provoke you to move beyond what you thought was possible.''
--Lisa Collins,

"Torn from tomorrow's headlines, American Midnight is a fast-paced ride with a touch of romance that is sure to hold you enthralled!"
--Amy Deardon, author of A Lever Long Enough

"A riveting political thriller. Barr and Lynch have crafted a convicting and timely tale that will entrance readers of various genres. Be sure to pick up this page-turner at your earliest opportunity...lest time run out all too soon.
--Melissa Meeks, Bibliophile's Retreat

"With conspiracies on every side, suspense, romance and more, American Midnight is a cautionary tale examining family and what it means to take a stand for God.  It handles some difficult questions, but the answers aren't always as neat and pat as we would like."
--Cathi Hassan, Cathi's Chatter

"American Midnight is a non-stop, compelling read. Several times I was running in the wake of the main character’s footsteps, crying with her and cheering her on."
--Paulette Harris, inspirational writer

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

American Midnight--an early review

Brandon and I have recently finished writing our next novel, American Midnight, which has a tentative release date of February 2010 from Silver Leaf Books. This is an early review by Melissa Meeks, who was gracious enough to read the book for us.

For those that enjoy a riveting political thriller you just may find a wonderful new novel to ad to your TBR come February. Michael Lynch and Brandon Barr have collaborated on American Midnight and proven themselves to be a dynamic duo based on the manuscript I had the pleasure of being thoroughly buried in this past several days.

Thankfully the only literal burial was when one of the characters in the story experienced flashbacks of events she had witnessed prior to the book’s time frame. Truth and Peace collide in this action / adventure tale with a dash of romance. The Unity Party platform is paving the way for one world religion and an elected government hoping to delude Americans into craving the reign of a Biblical Antichrist for the reputed lack of conflict being promised.

Regardless of their intentions many Christians and the true Church as a body soon see through the smoke-screen and concoct their own variety of projects to eliminate the Party. Will the Believers who’ve been roped into this elaborate fraud see True Light before it’s too late? Can the ones already fingered as enemies of this disquieting masquerade be saved by those still under the radar? Tania along with her friends and family will discover if God is Truth as His word declares or if the human order wrought by this new political entity taking over a once free country will prosper despite their evil intentions.

Loss in many forms has plagued Tania throughout her past and present yet as people continue to inform her along the way, she has been spared not as a horrid joke to see her continue suffering but because the One who spared her despite all the close calls has a purpose for her on this earth. If we walk or even run from ultimate Truth, when God has His hand on us we will find the enemy’s efforts to coerce us towards “escape” foiled in order for that purpose to be realized.

Barr and Lynch have crafted a convicting and timely tale that will entrance readers of various genres with a dose of Truth not overtly presented even by contemporary churches in many instances. Be sure to pick up a copy of this page-turner at your earliest opportunity and don’t – I repeat don’t bury it in the TBR lest time run out all too soon.

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