Sunday, August 23, 2009


Sci-fi author Mike Lynch publishes first novel and meets his readers

by Ramon Giwargis, Almaden Valley Times

What would we do if 1,000 alien ships headed toward earth to attack us? How would we react? Would we stop them? These are the questions swirling in the mind of sci-fi author Mike Lynch.

"Ever since I was a kid, I loved science fiction - movies, TV shows," Lynch said. "It's something I know a lot about and have an interest in."

With an unwavering interest in science fiction and a creative mind, Lynch went to work writing his first now, titled "When the Sky Fell." After many months of perseverance and rejection letters, he finally heard the news that would change his life. "When I got the e-mail from the editor that they wanted to green-light my manuscript, I wouldn't believe it," Lynch said. "My wife came in an asked what was wrong. She read the e-mail and started crying."

Lynch found out that the publishing house had approved his manuscript for print. The process of getting the "green light" from a publisher takes many years, in addition to talent and luck. Ninety-nine percent of aspiring authors do not get published.

To help share his story and present readers with "When the Sky Fell," Lynch spent three hours of his Saturday at the Almaden branch Barnes and Noble bookstore. Giving one-to-one attention to each individual, Lynch spent hours speaking to his loyal fans while introducing news readers to the plot of his book. Lynch still had time to sign books and offer publishing advice to aspiring writers.

Long-time friend and fellow sci-fi fan Craig Sanborn came to Barnes and Noble to encourage and cheer on Lynch. "I just really wanted to support him," Sanborn said. "It's so incredible and awesome that he's following his passion and dream. The fact that Mike enjoys some of those old sci-fi TV shows is really great. I like the way he writes and what he puts in there."

Most sci-fi fans appreciate the out-of-this-world ideas and scenarios cooked up by Lynch's imagination.

"I like the salvation thread," said Tina Swanson, who highly recommends "When the Sky Fell." "I find it very detailed and it really does create some graphic images. It's an excellent book. I'm enjoying it. It's a good story and I support him 100 percent."

Barnes and Noble story manager Ali Dangidang welcomes local authors like Lynch to her store and considers it a win-win situation. "We love having authors come in," Dangidang said. "It's a great experience for the community. I hope he sells out. I tend to put authors where there is a lot of traffic to socialize with folks. People come in and want to see what's going on. It creates a community connection."

For Lynch, a history major from San Jose State University and father of two, following his heart and childhood interest led him to triumph. He credits his current success to the fact that he believe in the material he was writing. "You have to believe in the story and not give up," Lynch said, offering the following advice to young writers: "Perseverance. That's what it takes. You have to keep trying, trying, trying."

While Lynch looks forward to his future and writing the sequel to "When the Sky Fell," he always remembers the milestones leading up to his first publication. Most people do not realize that steps needed to publish a book, and Lynch enjoys offering his assistance and advice. "One of the things that's good to have is an objective pair of eyes read your manuscript," Lynch explained. "Someone who knows writing, but not a family member; you need to hear where it needs work."

The business is filled with rejection letters, so Lynch mentions that developing a thick skin helps too. But after years of perseverance and never losing sight of his goal, Lynch has become a successful published author. With his hard work and determination, he proves to others that anything is possible.

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